February 2, 2016

Secret Smiles

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Casper & Casper is proud to announce our support of Secret Smiles, an amazing organization that serves needy families in the Miami Valley. On March 7th, Casper & Casper will be teaming up with the Fifth Street Brew Pub to help raise funds for this worthwhile cause. Be sure to stop by and show your support.

Until then, here’s a bit of information about Secret Smiles taken from their website - www.secretsmilesdayton.org


A child sleeping on a cold floor with nothing but a sheet to keep him warm.

A newborn baby lying on a dirty mattress because she has no crib.

Mothers in despair because they are unable to provide a basic necessity for their children.

These are the faces of Secret Smiles.

The Mission of Secret Smiles is simple. Secret Smiles of Dayton provides beds, cribs and bedding to those in our community who are without. We have located hundreds of children who now, thanks to your generosity, have new beds as well as sheets, blankets, pillows and comforters to keep them warm at night in a special place all their own.

This past year we have seen tremendous growth due to continued community support and witnessed first hand that everyone is capable of making a difference in many extraordinary ways. Friends and strangers have eagerly helped to make deliveries to our needy families; local businesses and organizations have supported us with donations and in-kind gifts for our fundraisers, children have forgone birthday gifts and have asked, instead, that donations be made to Secret Smiles of Dayton. Others have supported us with monetary donations and/or by attending one of our many fundraisers.

With each donation we receive, virtually 100% goes directly out into our community in support of Secret Smiles’ mission. We have created a charitable organization that is not burdened with administrative costs such as salaries or other compensation because we are staffed only with concerned volunteers. The result, more smiles for our recipients!

Thank you for your continued support of Secret Smiles of Dayton. Our passion and your generosity will transform lives!

 Tracy Janess